Earned Service Discount

At our events, in our messaging, we encourage service because it made us who we are and we’re better for it. And now as always, America needs her sons and daughters to hear that call to service, and to answer it.

Thanks for what you do, it matters. And I hope you take us up on that free beer thing, too.

On the GORUCK front, we have a partnered with two trusted verification services to issue the discount of 15% off Full Priced Gear and 25% off all Events. 

We use GovX ID to provide 15% off FULL Priced Gear at https://www.goruck.com/

We use GovX ID to provide 25% off all events at https://registration.goruck.com/

This earned discount only applies to US groups.

**Public school teachers at all education levels are considered government employees so when you sign up there will be an option to select public school teacher before verifying your account

See ALL GOVXID Approved Groups Here


How to apply your GOVXID for FULL Priced Gear Orders

  • Fill up your shopping cart!
  • Click on the Shopping Cart icon in the top right hand corner 
  • Click the GOVXID option at the bottom of the payment options 

  • A separate window will pop up for you to enter your GOVXID login username and password (make sure you do not have pop-ups blocked on your browser)
  • After a successful login your GOVXID discount code will populate - click USE CODE and it will apply at checkout .